How To Make Taste And Healthy Ginger Drink

Ginger Drink Recipe 


·         1 Ginger Segment
·         1 Tbsp Brown Sugar
·         Salt to taste
·         300ml water
·         1 lemongrass stick
·         1cm Cinnamon


1.    Prepare all Ingredients
2.    Clean the ginger and thick slice at 2 cm, then, slice brown sugar and don’t forget to clean lemongrass stick
3.    Prepare the pan for boil water and all ingredients
4.    Put all ingredients into the pan for boil
5.    Cook ginger until boiling and smell’s fragrant, don’t’s forget to testing the taste for once.
6.    For waiting the ginger, please prepare the glass
7.    After boiling, filter the water ginger and pour to glass
8.    Your ginger drink is ready, you can add some lime juice or milk into the ginger drink
9.    Enjoy!!

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