How To Make Kanom Sai Sai

Kanom Sai Sai


·         2 large banana leaves, central vein removed
·         toothpicks
·         1 Thai dessert candle (optional)
·         Vegetable oil


·         16 oz. shredded young coconut
·         16 oz. palm sugar


·         16 oz. glutinous rice flour
·         16 oz. pandan juice


·         16 oz. regular rice flour
·         16 oz. coconut milk
·         2 tbsp salt, more to taste


1.    Prep the banana leaves by cleaning and cutting them into 3 sizes. Large (6 in.), medium (5 in.). and small (2 in.) strips. Briefly roast the medium and large sheets.

2.    In a non-stick pan, melt the palm sugar. Add the shredded young coconut and stir until combined. Once the mixture becomes sticky and dense, remove from heat, and form 1-inch coconut balls.

3.    Using a mixing bowl, knead together glutionous rice flour and pandan juice. Adjust flour and juice to reach a kinetic sand-like texture. Cover to keep in the moisture.

4.    To create the topping, heat a non-stick pan to medium heat. Mix together rice flour, coconut milk, and salt. Stir until a custard-like consistency has been reached.

5.    To assemble, take a dollop of the dough and press it flat. Insert a coconut ball and cover the dough evenly. Repeat the step until ingredients run out.

6.    Take a medium size banana leaf sheet and place it on top of the large banana leaf sheet. Dull sides facing each other and the glossy side facing outward. Grease the medium size banana leaf with vegetable oil.

7.    Place the dough ball on the greased banana leaf sheets. Scoop a dollop of the topping and evenly distribute it on top of the dough ball.

8.    Pinch the two ends of the wrapper together, tucking in the sides. Use the 2 in. banana leaf strips to wrap around from the bottom side and secure with toothpick.

9.    Steam for about 20 minutes and voila!

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